Writing in this blog every day has been HARD. Man. I used to write SO MUCH back in the day, back when I was in college and spent pretty much all my free time on the internet! It’s funny, because I do a lot more with my time now than I did back then, so I figured I’d have more to say.

A quilled snowflake

Let’s see… I’m almost done with Christmas shopping for the season. I really wanted to go the handmade route this year, but, yeah. Didn’t happen. Next year, I’ll prepare better and start working on gifts much earlier than the end of November. I can do it!

I’m still plugging away on the Ginkgo shawl. It doesn’t look much different from the pictures I posted the other day, so eh, I didn’t want to take any new pictures. It’s a fun knit so far, but I’m looking forward to getting to the exciting pattern on the bottom of the shawl!

I baked vegan sugar cookies the other day, following John and Kristie’s Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookie recipe. I usually am not the biggest fan of vegan cookies; they taste off to me for some reason. I love vegan cupcakes and cakes, but cookies, not so much. These cookies changed my opinion and I’m so jazzed to make them again sometime soon!

Of course, I’m excited the holidays are coming! If you know me, I loooove Christmas. Just a little. Maybe because it’s also my birthday, though I always seem to forget on Christmas morning that I’m also a year older. The ten year anniversary of my 21st birthday is this year, which is frightening, but I’ll still be that girl who is carded until I’m 50, so I don’t mind.

5 thoughts on “Rambly.”

  1. The cookies are so delicious. Thank you for baking them!

    1. You are welcome! You just need to make truffles for me next :)

  2. Your plan for a handmade Christmas is my plan for a handmade Christmas. I need to start, like, Dec. 26 to have a prayer. We should handmade holiday-along. :)

    1. Yes! We need to hold each other accountable next year. We can do it!

  3. Matthew Young

    10 year anniversary of your 21st birthday gave me a chuckle.  

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