Random disjointed entry

Today’s going to be one of those random entries about nothing in particular.

It’s depressing when you both drive to work and come home in the dark. It’s the one thing I hate most about winter; the lack of sunlight. I never feel like going out or doing anything after I get home from work, especially if I get home late. I was at work until 6 today; since I’ve been home I’ve done a few things, but not the things I need to do (mainly, writing out the few Christmas cards I have left to write and doing some Christmas knitting). I’m just relaxing right now.

This week’s going by so slowly. I keep on forgetting it’s only Tuesday. At least tomorrow’s the middle of the week, and it will be closer to Friday. I’m hoping to get a lot of Christmas shopping done this week and weekend so I can ship out the gifts to my family.

Scott’s company Christmas party is on Friday and I’m very excited about my dress and shoes. I need to buy some sort of wrap for my dress so I don’t freeze.

That’s… about it, for now.