RavWeds swap opening day!

For the past couple years, I’ve belonged to a newlyweds group on Ravelry, and each summer, we put together a swap package for someone else in the group. We spend a month or two picking items that the swap partner would particularly enjoy, send it their way, and eagerly wait for package opening day.

Well, Friday was opening day, so I woke up at 7:30 and opened my package right away. I absolutely love the package my swap partner sent to me, all the way from Australia!


First up, she sent me a huge block of chocolate, along with some chocolate recipes and a newsletter with even more chocolatey goodness! I so want to make chocolate brownies and that delicious looking chocolate cake sometime soon. I love all the little notes she left with all the items, too!

Coasters and tag.

Also in the package were these two adorable coasters! One says ‘Good karma’ and the other says ‘Great, truly amazing things are going to happen’. These are perfect to keep in my office as a little pick me up during the day if I’m ever feeling down. She also sent me a bunch of heart-shaped stitch markers and a handmade tag that she cross-stitched herself!


Two words: TEA ROBOT. This is the most adorable tea infuser I’ve ever owned, and she sent me some tea to go along with it! It is definitely a good, cuddly cuppa, with a nice chocolate taste and aroma. I already drank two cups of it today and I’m so wanting a third right now after typing up this post.

Harry Potter sampler pattern!

Finally, she sent me this awesome Harry Potter sample cross-stitch pattern! I had noted that I wanted to get back into cross-stitching, and this is the perfect pattern to get me excited again. I’m actually reading through the entire HP series for the second time this year (yeah, I know, I love Harry Potter), so this is perfect. I’m excited to pick out my floss and buy some cloth!

I am so happy with the package my swap partner sent me. The tea is delicious, the cross-stitch pattern perfect – I’m so excited with everything I received and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

6 thoughts on “RavWeds swap opening day!”

  1. What a fun swap package! I loooove the HP cross stitch sampler.

    1. I was so excited to get it and open it! I’m hoping to go to Michaels and get the floss I need, and I’ll be able to start tonight!

  2. That tea robot is awesome!

    1. I absolutely love it! It is so much fun and I love brewing tea with it.

  3. um that tea robot is awesome! that cocoa/vanilla/black tea sounds really yummy. I have been in an HP mood lately too. been awhile since I’ve re-read the whole series!

    1. The tea is so good. It makes me feel comfy and at home!

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