Renewing the Oasis love.

I’ve been listening to an obscene amount of Oasis since Scott left for Idaho. I currently own around 14 Oasis albums; they were my favorite band after the Smashing Pumpkins ten years ago after “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” came out. Oddly enough, I do not own their newest album; I may pick it up after listening to a ripped version of the album. I’m not ashamed at the very least to admit I like Oasis, and listening to all their albums really brings back good memories. I even quoted an Oasis song as my senior quote in my high school yearbook:

I’ll have my way
In my own time
I’ll have my say
My star will shine.

The only real guilty pleasure music I like is newer Green Day; I really am embarassed to admit I like Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. How sad is that?

Yeah, I’m well aware I’ve been rambly and nonsensical recently. But eh, I like being rambly.