The return of Vanilla Coke

Vanilla crack! I want to write about my fun filled weekend of go-karts, mini golf, and lots and lots of strawberries, but instead, I want to display my excitement at the fact that VANILLA COKE IS BACK*! We stepped into our friendly neighborhood Martin’s and blinked when we saw not only Vanilla Coke, but Vanilla Coke Zero, which makes it even better**. I am very, very excited. I read a few months ago that Coke was to make it available in the States again, but I figured I’d believe it when I saw it. Well, I believe now, and you’d better bet we have a 12 pack of Zero in our fridge right now!

*Well, it’s called ‘Coke Vanilla’ now, but hell, it’s the same thing, and it will ALWAYS be Vanilla Coke to me!

**I only drink diet beverages, mainly because my teeth are not the greatest. Yeah, yeah, I know, there are other things in soda that will ruin my teeth, but sugar had taken its toll on my mouth. Also, on a completely unrelated tangent, when I ordered a Diet Coke on Friday, the guy serving it to me looked at me and said, almost with a sneer, “Are you sure you want a DIET Coke?” I replied pretty emphatically “Yes!” then added “Because of my teeth.” I don’t need a diet, but I do need an option of soda with less sugar! Ok, tangent over.