Runner’s Alley / Red Hook 5K!

So, I ran a 5K yesterday!

Ready for the race!

Words can’t describe how great I feel after the race yesterday. Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings ever, and I’m proud of myself for being able to run 3.1 miles without giving up. Seriously, today’s race has me PUMPED and ready for more!

I discovered I LOVE LOVE LOVE running with so many people on the road at the same time. LOVE it. I love reading people’s funny shirts, hearing bits of music from other’s headphones, and listening to others encourage each other to keep it up and keep on going! I also kind of loved people cheering for us on the sidelines. Talk about motivation!

I loved it so much that I didn’t even compare myself to the other runners around me (Am I running too slow? How’s my breathing? OH NO that stroller is going faster than me!), so I rocked the first mile and didn’t have to stop to walk until after the first mile marker. This made me happy. I felt strong the next two miles, too, though I had to stop to walk for 15 second intervals a few times. I started getting tired at the end, but I made sure to reserve some energy to run to the finish!

Oh, the finish. As soon as I rounded the corner, people cheered me on! I started feeling very nauseous as I was finishing, but I focused on the line in front of me and running to the finish. I felt SO proud of myself as I crossed the finish line. SO PROUD. Ted finished a few seconds after me; he rocked his, as well!

Place: 1525/2038
Division: 283/398
Time: 35:04 (YAY!!)
Pace: 11:17

So, not the fastest run ever, but still. It’s MY fastest run ever. A few months ago I couldn’t run ONE mile, much less 3.1, so I’m proud of myself.

After we finished, we partook in the goodness that is free beer (after pounding a whole lot of water, of course). Oh, yes. We definitely earned this beer today.

Post-race beer.

I am SO EXCITED about running. I want to go and sign up for ALL THE RACES now. Seriously. I’m looking forward to running many more 5Ks this summer and hopefully sign up for a 10K this fall! I’m very happy with how I did and look forward to doing even better in the future!

14 thoughts on “Runner’s Alley / Red Hook 5K!”

  1. totally jealous because i’d like to run but can’t.

    1. I never thought I’d be able to run more than 1/4 mile without getting tired, but with practice, I did it! I still can’t run the entire time, but that’s my next goal.

  2. Nicolle

    Awesome job Aubrey!

    1. Thanks!!

  3. HUGE HIGH-FIVE!!!!!!

    What you are describing about loving being around other runners and their energy is called runners high. It is quite possibly the BEST thing in the world. 

    Also, a singular beer after running can be pretty dangerous. I had a beer after the half I ran yesterday and was quite, well, it was fun. :) Hydrate!

    1. Yes, I LOVE runners high. I love the feeling so much!

      I definitely made sure to hydrate all day yesterday! I had a full 20oz of water before I drank the beer, and drank a ton of water afterward too. I didn’t feel too bad after I got home, though the killer sunburn I have today kind of sucks :(

  4. Cindy

    That’s awesome! I find it really impressive how far you’ve come in your running in the past few months.

    1. Thanks! I’m happy I’ve come this far, and I can’t wait to get even better!

  5. Woo! That’s awesome, Aubrey! (AND YAY! YOU BLOGGED!) 

    1. Yes, FINALLY, I did! And thank you!

  6.  Wow – that’s so awesome!! CONGRATS!!

  7. Katrin

    Wow, congratulations! That is really really great! I wish I’d be able to do something like that!

  8. that is so awesome. 35 min is an IMPRESSIVE first 5k!! Proud of you

  9. very nice! you are faster than me!

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