September summary.

Yeah. I didn’t feel too wordy for most of September, seeing as it’s October now and I’m breaking my month long silence. Fall’s definitely come since I posted my last entry; it’s currently 60 degrees outside and leaves are just starting to turn brilliant colors. I’ve always loved this time of year, from now until New Years; I love looking at Christmas decorations, drinking tea, and smelling fresh pine trees. Plus, Christmas Day is also my birthday, so I have that to (sort of) look forward to. I will be 28 this year, which frightens me a little. One year closer to 30.

Anyway. Since my last post:

My mom came to visit! We went to Chicago and to IKEA, where she bought me a bookcase as an early Christmas gift. I love my bookcase, and I’m so happy to not have my books piled on my floor anymore. Though, transporting it from Chicago to my apartment, then getting it up a flight of stairs, THEN assembling it, literally pulled a ton of muscles in my little body. I think I need to exercise more to build up some strength! I had a great time with her and I’m glad she came to visit.

I changed my hair! I went from blonde/pink to short and black. I absolutely loved having blonde hair but I definitely needed a change! I’ll probably go back to blonde sometime in the future because I dug it so much, but for now, I like it being dark again. I am also considering getting a nose piercing; I almost got it done this summer (I actually bought the piercing!) but I ran out of time that evening to actually get it done. Next time, I will do it!

I went to Dallas! Yes, I can finally, finally say I’ve been to the state of Texas. The pain of getting up at 3am to get to Chicago for a 6am (central time) flight was well worth it, as I ended up flying first class! Naturally, I took advantage of the free drink service and enjoyed myself a few mimosas. And who knew there’s actually a ‘rich people’ magazine given only to ‘premium class’ passengers?

While in Texas, I experienced the wonder that is Whataburger, ate a fried s’more, went to a very awesome show in downtown Dallas, rode the tallest Ferris wheel in North America, and ate Mexican food for the first time. Linda definitely showed me a good time during my long weekend in Texas, and she was definitely a good hostess. To see pictures from my trip, go on over to the Dallas Trip gallery. I saw many good, interesting things, only some of which I photographed.

I knit. A lot. I even finished a few projects! But that will be the subject of another post, another day.

In other news, NaNoWriMo’s starting up in a few weeks! I’m excited because this year I actually have a laptop, therefore there’s a higher probability that I will actually finish my novel this year. I tried writing it by hand last year and got maybe 20,000 words into my story before I tired of my hand hurting all the time. This year will be different. And no, no one can read it after I’m done.


7 thoughts on “September summary.”

  1. yayyy the texas star. haha, today i went by the drive thur chinese place & thought about you. =)

  2. Laura

    You’d never had Mexican food before? That’s quite unheard of! Anyway, you chose a wonderful place to have it for the first time. I’ve never been to Texas myself, but I’ve heard nothing but praise for Tex Mex.

  3. Love the new hair!

  4. I love the black hair on you.

  5. your hair looks fantastic! :)

  6. That Ferris wheel photo is SO freaking cool! Love the electric blue! Sounds like you had a great September, and I hope that your October has been a good one, too (holy cow, is it really almost the END of October?!?). So great that your mom could come visit. I’m way excited to see our families this weekend!!!

  7. Susan

    Forgot to tell you Sunday at Martin’s–love the hair! The dark look fits you. It’s easy to change whenever the urge hits you! Glad your mom came out to visit!!

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