Six years old

I don’t remember the exact day I started this weblog; it never seemed to be a noteworthy thing to record back in 2000 when I started my first weblog. Sometimes I wish I knew of the exact date I posted a weblog entry; I know I posted in a weblog sometime in early 2000 before I owned Star Shaped, back in the days when I was cool enough to be ‘hosted’ at a different domain. (Ah, the good old days of aspiring to be ‘hosted’. Wait, I don’t miss those days at all.)

What has been noteworthy, however, is when I bought my domain name. Six years ago today (well, technically in the wee hours of tomorrow morning) I took the plunge and purchased this domain name. It’s grown from a bare-bones old school manually updated online journal to a personal site to a weblog; I’ve seen trends come and go during the six years I’ve owned my domain. I never thought I’d still be writing online six years ago, but here I am, typing away, celebrating this domain’s sixth birthday.

Happy birthday, Star Shaped. Enjoy your gift of renewal fees!