Slow-moving life

Life has been moving slowly this past week, as it always does during a break. I haven’t been doing anything of importance at all, in all honesty, and I like it that way. I start work again on Monday, and I start my second job on Tuesday. I’m excited to be making more money than I have before, and being able to save more for things I need to buy for my apartment.

We’re desperate for a table and chairs at my place, and perhaps an end table or two, along with a few lamps, would make a corner of our living room a little brighter. Scott and I watched Green Day’s video hits collection in my living room yesterday, and I couldn’t see anything while sitting on the couch. Denise and I will get more furniture eventually, I know.

Scott finally convinced me to start playing Star Wars Galaxies last night. I created a Twi’lek that I named Prabe, and I’m training her to be a musician at the moment. It’s pretty fun so far, and Scott’s more than happy to see me playing with him and his guild. It gives me something else to do while geeking it out on the computer, and so far it isn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be, so I think I’ll be ok. Here’s to hoping, at least.

We’re having a pot roast tonight. Sam, Scott’s roommate, threw it in the oven just now and it should be done for dinner. Mmm. I love roast.