That white stuff that falls from the sky

Ah, a prompt about everyone’s favorite thing about winter – snow!

Do you like snow or do you dread when it starts falling? If you don’t have snow in your area, what weather do you love or dread?

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I’m from New England and lived in the midwest for 8 years, so winter weather was just a way of life for me. The last year and a half has been strange because I haven’t seen a touch of snow. Winter isn’t winter without snow, to me.

Snow in Indiana

Winter in Indiana

I loved playing in the snow as a child. I looked forward to snow days, when my mother would tell me to go back to sleep as I looked out the window to watch flakes falling from the sky. When we’d all wake up, we’d don our snowsuits to play outdoors, building snowmen and making snow angels. We’d play until the chill soaked through our mittens and our toes felt cold, and we’d traipse back into the house, warming our hands with cups of hot chocolate my mother made us.

Winter in New Hampshire.

Winter in New Hampshire.

As I grew older, especially when I learned how to drive, I started hating the stuff. I hated that I’d slip and slide on the roads in my car after a fresh snowfall, and I really didn’t like having to clear off my car in the mornings after a storm. I grit my teeth and bore it, but I wasn’t a fan.

Winter in Massachusetts.

Winter in Massachusetts.

I haven’t seen snow since I moved to Oregon in July 2014. We had a mild winter last year, and I saw a bit of freezing rain one day (which shut down the entire city!) but none of that white stuff.  It’s so strange to not see it and it hasn’t ever felt like winter out here. I might be getting a little nostalgic for it and maybe I’d hate it if I had to deal with it again on a daily basis for a good part of the year, but maybe not. I love the passing of the seasons, from winter to spring to summer to fall. Not having a real winter throws me off, somehow, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow.

4 thoughts on “That white stuff that falls from the sky”

  1. Nicolle

    We’re still waiting on snow here in NH. It’s supposed to be in the 60s on Christmas, this is absolute bullshit!

    1. I know, I’ve been checking the weather out there! We’re having average weather for the season out here, so temps in the low 40s and rain, rain, rain. It’s been warmer out there than it has been here!

      1. Rachel

        I was just going to say the same thing as Nicolle. No snow out here either and it doesn’t feel right at all!

        I’ve been playing lots of Christmas carols to make up for it.

        1. Christmas music always puts me in a festive mood! It never feels like Christmas here because all it does is rain, but the temps are pretty wintery here now. I hope it gets colder there soon!

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