Snowy crafting.

Snow in my backyard.

Yes, we did get snow yesterday. As much as I’ve complained about winter over the years, I do enjoy it. I enjoy brisk winter mornings and seeing my breath as I walk outside. I love seeing snow falling as I sit indoors drinking tea. I don’t love clearing off my car or driving in snowy weather, but what I love overshadows what I don’t love.

. . . . .

I spent a cozy evening crafting and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’m pretty much the last person in the world to watch this show, and though I’m only in the first season, I’m digging it so far. The theme song kind of gets on my nerves but I like the characters. It’s also great that the show takes place in New England! I’ve read about people complaining about the characters talking too fast but yeah, I’m totally used to that. I talk kind of fast on occasion as well.

Christmas stocking progress

I made some progress on my Christmas stocking, but I’m ripping back the red part of the toe. The foot’s a smidge too short for my liking, so I’ll repeat the pattern a bit before trying again. I’m so close to being done with this and I can’t wait to block it. Colorwork’s not my strong suit so I’m hoping a good soak and block will even out my stitches.

. . . . .

I’m enjoying these quiet evenings by myself. I don’t usually like being alone and I greatly prefer being in the company of others, but I find I create more when I’m by myself. I’m grateful for the time I have to make things and I’m happy I’m becoming more comfortable on my own.

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  1. I am also not a fan of the Gilmore Girls theme song. Hope you enjoy the series! The stocking is looking fabulous.

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