Sock it to summer!

Happy (almost) summer, friends! I kind of like to think that summer started on June 1, but really, it doesn’t start until the summer solstice on the 2oth. It’s been warm and sunny, though, so to me, summer’s well on its way.

With summer comes a fun knit-a-long – Amanda of Knot a Podcast and Lamby Toes Yarn holds the Sock it to Summer KAL, where you just knit lots of socks! It started on June 1 and goes until August 31. She’s written a post on her ravelry group (a Ravelry account is needed to view this post) giving all the details, so if you want to knit socks too, join her group and join the fun!

Oh, you want to know what socks I’m knitting so far? I guess that’s why you read this blog, maybe.

Hedera beginning

First, I’m knitting a pair of Hedera socks by Cookie A! I’ve had these socks in my list of things to knit for ages, and I finally cast them on last week while in Vermont. I picked this project as my vacation knitting, and you can see I got a lot done.

Knitting down the leg!

Knitting down the leg!

Iiiiiit's gusset time!

Iiiiiit’s gusset time!

Hey look, I finished a sock!

Hey look, I finished a sock!

I don’t know if I’ve ever knit a patterned sock so quickly, and on DPNs to boot! The pattern’s super easy to memorize, though I still needed to read the directions for the heel flap, heel turn, and gusset. I haven’t knit a cuff down sock in a couple years now as I’ve become a toe up Magic Loop convert. It’s fun to change it up a bit. I still need to cast on sock #2, but I’ll get to it eventually.

I took this picture as we drove to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Mmm, ice cream...

I took this picture as we drove to the Ben and Jerry’s factory. Mmm, ice cream…

Next up, I’m knitting a vanilla sock (that’s a plain sock with no patterning on it for all you who don’t knit) out of Knit Picks Stroll in the Queen Anne Tonal colorway! I’m kind of bored with knitting vanilla socks so this one’s a little slow going. It’s great for mindless knitting when I don’t feel like knitting a patterned sock, so it’s a good project when I need a break. I want to always have a pair of vanilla socks on the needles, just in case I want to satisfy that knitting itch and I don’t want to think about it too much.

. . . . .

I don’t have any goals for Sock it to Summer. I’ll almost definitely finish these two pairs, and I’ll probably cast on at least a third. I don’t know what I’ll knit yet, but I’m leaning toward another patterned sock. I’m kind of in the mood to knit something more exciting than a vanilla sock, so I’m thinking I’ll be knitting patterned socks for the bulk of the summer. We’ll see.

Thanks, Amanda, for hosting such an awesome summer KAL!

7 thoughts on “Sock it to summer!”

  1. Nicolle

    You should try the Spring Forward pattern, it’s really cool looking and easy to memorize. I’m currently knitting my second pair. :-) I have a few other recommendations like that if you’re looking.

    1. I’ve heard that pattern is a good one, so I might just do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I loooove the Hedera pattern. The color you chose is awesome.

    1. Thanks! I love it too, obviously.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my KAL!

    Your socks are beautiful! I’ve knit several Cookie A Patterns, but never Hedera. I should give that one a try. One of the sample socks a friend knit for Lamby is that same pattern and it looks gorgeous in the yarn. I find vanilla socks work best when the yarn has some interest to it like self-striping or speckling. They can be a bit of a slog for me otherwise.

    I also recommend Spring Forward for a fun patterned knit. It’s also easy to memorize and a great use of yarns that benefit from the moving stitches. :)

  4. your Hedera sock is really pretty. I think I knit one of those ages ago but ripped it and never made them again. I do remember it was a fun pattern though! I know what you mean about vanilla socks, I’ve been thinking of doing a traditional cuff-down, gusset heel sock to change things up – I have my eye on Sign of Four… we shall see if that ever happens though :P I do love vanilla socks b/c I can read or watch tv with no problems and they seem to go really fast. if I’m going to be stuck to a pattern, I guess I prefer to do that with something with long repeats like a shawl.

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