Star Shaped turns 15!

Star shaped tesselations

15 years ago yesterday, I sat down at my computer and bought my first domain name. I cannot believe so much time has passed since I first started this site. I’ve written many posts wishing my domain a happy birthday, and I never thought I’d be writing in this blog for so long. Here’s my very first post, if you’re interested.

I’ve recently added all my old archives here. Some I had accidentally forgotten to back up when I restarted the blog, but through the wonders of, I recovered most of them. I’m happy to have all my old knitting and spinning posts, especially the one when I first tried spindle spinning. No, Aubrey, handedness doesn’t matter when you’re spinning!

What I looked like in August 2000, when I bought

This blog has seen me through many parts of my life. When I started this blog, I was 19, had just received my driver’s license, and was about to start my sophomore year of college. I was a few months away from beginning my first serious relationship and I still lived in Massachusetts. Today I am 34, married, and living on the west coast. Many events passed since August 30, 2000, and I’m happy to have documented most of them here.

Happy birthday, Star Shaped!

8 thoughts on “Star Shaped turns 15!”

  1. Jessica

    omg! I love the one about drop spinning! It makes me laugh because I am right handed and hold the top yarn in my left hand and naturally spin in counter-clockwise. Maybe I am lucky, but the video I watched reminded everyone that it doesn’t matter which had or which direction, do whatever feels natural. :)

    My own blog is turning ten this year! pretty amazing stuff, my whole life is also completely unrecognizable from those posts back then.

    1. Reading that drop spinning entry made me laugh, too! I think I still have that spindle, too!

  2. I love that pic of you. I’m glad you kept blogging. Kinda wish I did, but well, I couldn’t make an awesome site like this with my web expertise (lack thereof), since my skillz date back to the days of Geocities. BTW, I see in your original post that you reference a mailing list…you had a mailing list? Ms. Popular over here!

    1. I don’t remember the mailing list, either! I doubt I used it that much. I miss your website and loved reading your entries back in the day. I love reading the notes you post on Facebook now! I think you should write about the trips you take and your travel goals for the year like you do now if you ever have a website again.

  3. Happy birthday star-shaped!

    1. Thanks!!

  4. Happy birthday, Star Shaped! :)

  5. 15 years, oh goodness. happy birthday to star-shaped! I cannot believe how long we’ve been doing this craziness!

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