Staycation, day one.

Today has been nice. We woke up, lounged around a bit, and took off to eat lunch at our favorite sushi place in Portsmouth. I enjoyed a lunch bento box filled with veggie gyoza, veggie tempura, a cucumber roll, white rice, and salad with that awesome ginger sauce. Love.

I haven’t taken a ‘staycation’ before, really. I’ve always scoffed at the idea of taking time off work and not going anywhere. However, this gives us an opportunity to explore the areas nearby during the day on a weekday, which is a treat in of itself! I love lunch specials at restaurants and I love stopping into bars at 3pm on a Monday when we’re the only people there.

I could get used to this.

5 thoughts on “Staycation, day one.”

  1. Kat Vagrant

    Oh man, that sounds awesome! I’m going to go on a “staycation” for my birthday weekend– I am all for the idea!

    1. Nice! Our plans tomorrow involve driving up to Portland, ME, which is just an hour north, as they have yummy vegetarian goodness we can’t really get in Portsmouth. So we’re excited.

  2. Kerri McAteer

    I do love that awesome ginger sauce.. Yum.

    Enjoy your staycation. ^_^

    1. I could eat that sauce ALL DAY. I love it.

      And thanks! We’re only off today and tomorrow, so it’s just a mini staycation. Better than no days off at all, though!

  3. starlakitty

    staycation is pretty awesome. :)  even if you just stay at home and be a bum – it’s so nice to have a break and just have no obligations & have the day to do what you want :)

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