Sticking to my resolutions

I have to say… most of the questions for this December prompt have been sort of lacking. It’s too bad, because I love the concept, but even answering these New Year’s resolutions prompts have been hard. I’m not complaining too much, because I’ve still written more this month than I probably ever have on here, so it’s inspiring me in some way to write. I like that, at least.

How long do you usually stick to your resolutions? Is there something that helps make you stick to them longer?

I hate to admit that I forget about my resolutions a few months into the new year. I always start with such promise, but like everyone else, my resolve fades as the snow falls in February. I’m wondering what I can do to prevent this, because I actually want to stick with my 35 in 35 (which I’ll be posting on Friday!). I’m wondering if posting a quarterly update, much like my friend Linda does with her resolutions on her Facebook, would help. Posting consistent updates must keep the momentum going, and it would probably keep my goals and resolutions fresher in my mind.

That’s about all to say about today’s prompt. Maybe I’m just running out of steam after writing so much this month!

4 thoughts on “Sticking to my resolutions”

  1. I think part of the trick to sticking with goals and resolutions, especially in the beginning, is to figure out a way to make that the resolutions more tangible. It’s easy to write a blog post or a journal entry about what your intentions are, but it’s also easy to just let that be it and it just all dies there.

    I’ve found that when I print things out, write out lists to hang on the wall, create vision book pages/boards, and start trying to draw attention to whatever those things are that I want to be bringing into my life, I end up doing a lot better with keeping with what I resolved to do.

    1. Since I love to write things down physically instead of digitally, I should do this with my resolutions! That’s a pretty good idea, especially hanging them up somewhere that I can see them daily.

  2. I think having a monthly/quarterly update about your resolutions is a great way to keep them in mind!

    1. I know you do monthly updates in your blog, and that inspires me to do something similar! I think a quarterly update will be great. Let’s hope I stick to it…

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