Stitch and Bitch Nation

I worked a – gasp! – morning shift today at work; I came in to help out a coworker. He devised a plan to optimize finishing up pieces the fastest, so we spent the morning finishing things up and getting a good amount finished. I came in at 10 and left at 3, and when I returned home, I found a package from Amazon propped up against the door. Curious, I pushed open the door and tore open the box.

Thank you, :krissy:, for the Stitch and Bitch Nation book! I have the first book, Stitch and Bitch, and loved the patterns, so of course I’m happy to recieve the sequel. I see a few pieces I want to knit so far; I’m looking forward to after the holidays to start knitting for myself again.

In other news, I really, really need to clean this apartment tomorrow. I hate it when it’s messy, but I’m too lazy to ever do much about it. Tomorrow, that will change!