The story of my life

I’ve had the Social Distortion song ‘The Story of My Life’ in my head all day today after hearing it on Sirius yesterday evening. I hadn’t really heard much of Social Distortion besides ‘Ball and Chain’ before the incarnation of the 90’s alternative station on Sirius, but I’ve liked what I’ve heard.

This weekend, I kept busy and cleaned the house. We also planted our herb garden (finally!) and I alphabetized our CDs. We have a ton of duplicates, and I finally went ahead and weeded out the extras. I’ve been pretty bad with buying CDs the past few years; this year, I think I’ve only bought 2; The Good, the Bad, and the Queen back at the beginning of the year, and the Cobbs CD I bought earlier last week. Scott’s bought a few too, but still, it’s nowhere near as much as I’d buy back in high school or the beginning of college. I wonder, is it because our tastes our changing, or is it because music in general these days is sucking and it’s harder to find the good stuff? I have no idea.

I do need to find more new music somewhere. I just don’t know where to look! I’ve tried Pandora, and I should look into’s music player, but most of the time at work I can’t really listen to new music. I want to be able to really listen instead of it just being background music while I’m coding. But, I’m also sick of my current music. I may borrow some of Scott’s CDs; he has a lot of Pavement, and I never really listened to them as a kid. I also need to find friends who like music similar to what I like, but that’s something I’ve never, ever had until I met Scott. Why is it so hard?

Don’t even get me started on Pitchfork Media. Or Rolling Stone, for that matter. I’ve tried both in my quest to find new music (the former, a few years back, and the latter, a long, long time ago, probably when I was in high school, when I’d go through little music slumps), to no avail. I read Magnet a few years ago as well, but if I picked it up today (if it even still exists), I’d imagine it would contain the same material as Pitchfork. I don’t mind ‘indie’ music; I really don’t. The majority of it just doesn’t seem like it has any soul behind it, as it’s people being indie for the sake of being indie instead of having actual meaning. But then again, I could be wrong.

In other news, I really want to see BRMC live again. But, that’s a given at this point.