Strokes concert tomorrow!

I’m seeing the Strokes tomorrow! I’m seeing the Strokes tomorrow! I rather like their new album, especially the song 12:51. A few people have said that they suck in concert, but I’m hoping that they’ll be pretty good. I’m not sure how being in an arena will be, but I’m hoping that even though it’s a biggish venue, it won’t be bad.

Scott comes in tomorrow. I get to drive over to Logan Airport in Boston to pick him up, then we’ll be driving an hour to the northwest to the concert destination. I can’t wait to see Scott again, though it’s only been about a week since I’ve seen him last. Fun times.

I really need to make a point to go to more concerts. I found out a few days ago that Scott and I missed Black Rebel Motorcycle Club twice this past year. They would have been cool to see in concert, methinks.

Hooray! I’m excited about tomorrow!