Summer music

Since reading KC’s post about Hanson last week, I’ve been thinking about my personal summer albums and which music I associate with summertime, the beach, running around at the Cape barefoot, all those good things. I’ve come up with a few albums:

  1. Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? I have no idea why this album reminds me of summer; I bought it right around its release date, at the end of 1995, but I listened to it a lot when I really got into the Beatles that following summer. It’s one of those albums I didn’t listen to for a long time after overlistening to it in 1996 and 1997, but when I listened to it again about a year ago, it reminded me of being a goofy kid on Cape Cod.
  2. The Hollies – Greatest Hits Back in the day, I loved the Beatles. I also knew of that funny ‘Bus Stop’ song my mom liked a lot, so I decided to borrow her Hollies CD for a bit, just to check them out. Of course, I pretended they were cheesy at first, but soon, my cousin and I took to singing along to all the songs while running up and down the beach. Yeah, we were strange, I know.
  3. (I bet you saw this one coming) Hanson – Middle of Nowhere First, let me say that I’ve never liked MMMBop. I thought it was cheesy and I cringed whenever I heard it on VH1. However, when my younger sister bought the album (she loved Taylor!) I decided that the rest of the album wasn’t bad. My sister and I still like to sing along to the songs when we’re on long road trips together, and the album just reminds me of being happy and it being summertime.

I know I have more recent ’summer’ albums, but none are coming to me right now. Maybe these ones are more important to me for some strange reason. Who knows?