SWG geekiness

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I’ve been getting into :swg: again after taking a little break from it for awhile. After mastering pikeman I decided that a combat profession wasn’t for me; I never felt like going out, getting buffed, waiting in lines, finding groups, and then fighting as it took too long. I also didn’t want to go back to an entertainer profession; before I started the combat profession I became bored with standing in cantinas, playing music while trying to earn money either by healing people or giving them mind buffs. I also became sick of all the people in-game hitting on my character! I spent a few weeks signing onto the game just to socialize, and once :krissy: started to play I thought of becoming something else; a crafter.

I worked up tailor with a different character a few months ago, and I found that I really liked making clothing and selling it on vendors. So, a few days ago I picked up novice artisan and have been crafting my way to both merchant and tailor, and having a great time with it. I’m going to pick up a crafting macro once I hit novice tailor so I can make the process go much faster than it would normally, or maybe I’ll just do all the crafting by hand, who knows. I am having fun with crafting, however, and I’m looking forward to having master tailor with my main character.

Now, it’s picture time!

guild crafting/music party!

Myself (in the center) with my fellow guildmates, entertaining while healing their minds. Krissy and Mike were there too; can you see them? (click for a bigger image)

Prabe in pink robes

Myself in some pink robes. I like how these look.