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Today marks the beginning of a four day weekend for me! I’m pretty excited to have a few days off from work. Our holidays will be pretty low-key; we’ll be hanging around here until sometime on Sunday when we drive to Scott’s relatives’ house in southern Indiana and we’ll stay until sometime Monday night after […]

Christmas cookies!

I love Christmas cookies. I’ve never been able to make sugar cookies just right, however, until today. I followed a recipe from a magazine exactly; I used a sifter to sift the flour before stirring it in, I refrigerated my dough overnight, and I mixed everything thoroughly. I put in a little too much vanilla […]

Giving up soda

In conjunction with the entry I wrote a few weeks back on diet soda, I’ve decided to give up all carbonated beverages for a month. I actually started this last week when I posted the entry here; barring an italian soda (which doesn’t count!) I drank last Thursday or Friday, I haven’t drank one drop […]

Diet soda vs filtered water

I think I need to start cutting down on my soda intake. I’ve been drinking diet soda for the past three years or so after switching from regular Coke. I didn’t like the huge amounts of sugar regular sodas used; I’ve always had terrible teeth, but I never could switch completely away from carbonated beverages. […]

Pepsi Jazz

I’m such a sucker for those newfangled soda flavors. Case in point; when Pepsi Blue came out a few years ago, I’d always look for it in stores and buy it as often as I could. Everyone else thought it tasted like blueberry flavored battery acid, but I loved the stuff. (Maybe I’d like the […]

Coke zero

Tonight’s question: What’s the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero? We bought both at the grocery store tonight (4 12-packs for $9! We weren’t passing up that deal!) and wondered in amusement what made them different. We just now opened a few cans of the beverage now to taste the difference, and… Coke Zero […]

A weekend of fast food and gaming

I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? Secondly, and actually just as important, :scott: and I spent a great weekend together. He arrived here in town at around 9pm Friday night and we spent the evening watching the first season of ‘Home Movies‘ on DVD while eating McDonald’s. We spent […]

No more awesome blossom?

I went to Chilis the other day with Scott and Sam, and as we flipped through the menu, we noticed that their famous ‘Awesome Blossom’ did not appear anywhere. When we asked the waitress when she came to take our order, she told us that ‘they had removed about 13 items from the menu’ and […]