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A fun 4th of July.

My 4th of July weekend? Kicked ass. I cleaned up my apartment, hung out with my friends, and enjoyed myself. I saw some fireworks, walked around downtown South Bend at night, ate some seriously awesome barbeque (and a few s’mores to boot!), learned a few new card games, watched a hilarously bad movie from the […]

Pizza, beer, and ice cream.

After work yesterday I went to the grocery store and picked up three items; beer, pizza, and ice cream, just because I can. I can come home, eat what I want, drink what I want, watch what I want on television and listen to whatever music I want. Yesterday felt like a pizza, beer, and […]

Eventful weekend

I had a relatively eventful weekend. First and foremost, I’m pretty sure I have an apartment! I’m going to be moving back to the complex I lived in before we bought the house. I’m shocked they had a place open so soon; my move in date is June 28th. Yeah, this Saturday. So I’ll probably […]