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Star shaped turns 5!

Five years ago today, I came home with a shiny, brand-new driver’s license, and as a treat, I decided to buy myself a domain name and webspace. Five years later, star-shaped’s still going strong! Happy five years, star shaped!


It’s funny how sporadic and on-the-fly my inspiration seems to be; I’ve stared and stared at my website for days without generating a single idea, poured through various and assorted articles on optimal web design, and in the span of 10 minutes today, threw something up on the site I actually do not dislike. Granted, […]

star-shaped turns 2!

Two years ago today, I stayed up late, excited about finally getting my driver’s license! Because of that accomplishment, I allowed myself to register a domain name, along with some webspace, and star-shaped.org was born. So, today is that two year anniversary! Happy second birthday, star-shaped! I hope you’re around for many more years to […]