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Our trip to Eugene

This past weekend, Ted and took an overnight trip down to Eugene! I’d heard excellent things about their food scene, so we wanted to see (err, taste) this for ourselves. Our verdict? Yes. The food, and the trip, rocked. We left for our trip on Saturday after lunch. In Salem, we stopped for coffee at […]

Awesomeness is…

Being done with my final. It was about as hard as I thought it would be, but I did as well as I could. I spent all of Monday and Tuesday night studying my butt off for it! I’ll hopefully find out this weekend what I got for a grade. Finishing my Christmas cards! I […]

Short (but sweet!) update.

Hi there! It’s been about a week since I’ve last posted; I’ve been busy with work, visiting family, and of course, making things. So what have I been up to? First things first. Can we talk about how cute the owl is on this beer I bought at Whole Foods last weekend? (Also, can we […]

Kate the Great Day 2011!

This year, I knew I needed to take the day off and stand in line for Kate the Great. Why not? It would at least be a story to tell! I knew I’d meet interesting beer geeks from all over the area and it would be a fun day.

Labor Day Weekend 2008

I enjoyed my Labor Day weekend this year; Linda came to visit me! She visited last year and we had a good time together, so she decided to come back for more. I spent so much time in a car, and by the end of the weekend I pretty much exhausted myself, but still, good […]

B to the E

After we got off work today, :scott: and I went to Target to pick up shampoo and beer. While meandering down the alcohol aisle (yes, Super Target does have an alcohol aisle, complete with hard liquor!), Scott and I came across a curious beverage by Budweiser called B to the E; apparently, it’s “beer infused […]