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Our BRMC trip. Or, how I can now die happy.

(Note: Some of this entry may not make sense to people who haven’t heard of or listened to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But, I am still damn pumped and excited from seeing them live twice that I don’t really care. Important parts will be in bold if you are just skimming the […]

On seeing BRMC live, finally

I saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in Columbus, Ohio on Friday night and I’m still at a loss for words as to how to describe the show. By far, it’s been the best concert I’ve ever attended; they utterly and completely rocked live. Their voices, guitars, everything translated so beautifully live; I’m very happy to […]

The Strokes concert!

First of all, I’m back in Indiana after a pretty long and almost painful 16 hour drive home yesterday. But, that’s another story. I had a GREAT time at the Strokes/Kings of Leon show this past Friday night. I’m still amazed that I liked the show so much, after hearing from a few people that […]

ZWAN. Need I say more?

I saw Zwan tonight. We left Bloomington at around 1, and arrived in Columbus, Ohio at around 5. After driving around the ghetto of Columbus for a little bit, we found a parking spot at the side of the road, and walked to the venue to stand in line for two hours. We talked to […]


I went and saw Radiohead yesterday. We didn’t get to stand anywhere near the stage, so I didn’t feel the full “I’m at a concert surrounded by people getting all sweaty and gross because of jumping around and everyone around me loves this band as much if not more than I do” feeling I usually […]