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Evening traditions aren’t my thing.

To go along with yesterday’s prompt about morning traditions, today’s is about evening traditions! They kind of aren’t my thing. Do you end your day the same way every day? What are your nighttime traditions? As much as I enjoy my morning routine, I don’t have a real nighttime routine! My evenings are much more varied […]

My morning traditions

This week’s prompts focus more on routines than traditions. It’s an interesting change of pace, but I’m excited to get back to the Christmas related prompts! Do you start your day the same way every day? What are your morning traditions? For the longest time, I didn’t really have a morning routine. I’d wake up, grab […]

Holiday candy!

What is your favorite holiday candy? Where do I begin with this? As any of you who know me well know, I love candy. Love it. Christmas isn’t my favorite candy holiday (that goes to Easter, because Mini Eggs and jelly beans are awesome), but it’s close. I absolutely love Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut […]

Holiday food I dislike

Today’s prompt is a short one! I don’t like talking much about holiday food I dislike. What food do you always reject on the holiday table? Why? People might think I’m weird, but I can’t stand green bean casseroles! I never have! I’m not a huge fan of green beans to begin with, so an […]

Holiday cookies are my favorite.

Today’s prompt is all about one of my favorite parts of the holidays: cookies! I almost never bake cookies, but holiday cookies? Yes please. Teach us how to make your favorite holiday recipe. I love making sugar cookies around the holidays. My favorite recipe came from a magazine I found about 9 years ago, but […]

Favorite holiday food

Today I’ll be writing about my favorite holiday food, the food that reminds me of Christmas. Most people think of pies or roast beef or green beans or something of that sort, but not me. I think of something else altogether. Finish this sentence with your favorite food: “The holidays are not complete without…” The […]

Food traditions

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m back after a relaxing weekend and ready to answer this week’s set of prompts. This week’s questions focus on food traditions and the holidays, and I’m excited to write about my favorites.  Today’s prompt asks about specific food memories, so here goes! What dish transports you to a different place and time in your life? […]

New traditions

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m already up to day 4 of my December writing prompts. There aren’t any questions to answer for Saturday or Sunday, so I’ll be back with the next prompt on Monday! I might try to write a post or two over the weekend, however, as I do have other things to say. […]

Fond Christmas memories

Good morning, all! Today I’m writing about traditions that have been passed down to me. I only have one, and it’s only kind of Christmas related, but it still works for me. I have fond Christmas memories with my family. If you have children, what traditions are you trying to instill in them? If you […]

Christmas decorations

Hey, look! Two blog posts in a day! I don’t think I’ve written two posts in a day since maybe 2003, so I’m pretty pumped that I squeezed in two today. I wanted to get caught up on the writing prompts I’m doing all December. Here goes! Do you decorate for the winter holidays? Tell […]