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DrupalCamp NH 2011!

Every time I attend a DrupalCamp, I’m reminded how much I love the CMS, the community, and the awesomeness, and this time, I really want to make my way back to the community I love.

Various happenings.

So, I can’t believe it’s already Friday*! This week passed quickly; it’s been a combination of fun going out and fun staying in, so I’m happy. I like a healthy combination of the two. On Monday I decided to pull out my sewing machine after over two years of it lying dormant in my office/craft […]


Cute owl towels hanging in my kitchen. I’ve felt like a hermit this weekend. I tend to stay inside during the month of January; it’s harder for me to want to venture out into the cold and snow to get together with people. This weekend’s been no exception. This weekend I went out once, to […]

DrupalCamp Montreal 2009

2009The DrupalCamp Montreal 2009 crowd! This past weekend, myself, along with a few cohorts at Commonplaces (@sethcohn, @himerus, @bymiche, and @ebeyrent) traveled by van up to the faraway land of Canada to attend DrupalCamp Montreal! My coworkers each presented at least one session over the two day camp, and I was there to cheer them on from the sidelines. Among some […]

This is my geeky Drupal Design Camp post.

Can you spot me in this picture? (taken by misselizabeth.) This weekend I attended my first nerd Drupal camp; Drupal Design Camp Boston! When I first heard of this event I figured only locals from the New England area would make the trek to Cambridge, but as more and more people signed up, I found […]