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Back to Everquest II?

So, :scott: and I have been thinking about going back to :eq2: after playing :wow: for the past few months. We like WoW, don’t get me wrong; we just seek a player base that doesn’t act, oh, 12 years old the majority of the time. Of course, we encountered morons when we played EQII before, […]

A weekend of fast food and gaming

I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? Secondly, and actually just as important, :scott: and I spent a great weekend together. He arrived here in town at around 9pm Friday night and we spent the evening watching the first season of ‘Home Movies‘ on DVD while eating McDonald’s. We spent […]

Everquest II

Well, :cindy: beat me to it and put up screenshots of her :eq2: characters, so of course I have to put up mine now too. My main character’s a dark elf mage named Starlania; I half named her after the song ‘Starla’ by Smashing Pumpkins and after the name ‘Lania’ which came up randomly when […]