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Life is good.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend. I spent time in a car driving to a yarn shop in Bremen with a few friends; I did not buy any yarn, much as I wanted to take home the beautiful pink and green yarn I kept on admiring. I pretended I was at the Cape and played […]


Today marks the beginning of a four day weekend for me! I’m pretty excited to have a few days off from work. Our holidays will be pretty low-key; we’ll be hanging around here until sometime on Sunday when we drive to Scott’s relatives’ house in southern Indiana and we’ll stay until sometime Monday night after […]

Minor update on my life.

One day I will be awesome at updating my site on a more frequent basis. However, I’ve been busy with NaNoWriMo, working later than usual, and playing Guitar Hero III for the Wii, not to mention frantically finishing up Christmas knitting projects. Mid-November’s nearing, which means I don’t have too much time left to complete […]

Carrie’s wedding

So, my sister’s wedding was this past weekend, so Scott and I made the drive over to Massachusetts so I could be her Matron of Honor. I had an excellent time, and her wedding was absolutely beautiful. I’m proud to have been part of it. I awoke at 8am on the wedding day and proceeded […]

Weekend at the Cape

I’m back from my mini weekend vacation to Cape Cod, and I have to say one thing: I’m so happy that the weekend actually turned out to be nice! It rained a bit and was generally cloudy on Friday night when we arrived, but eh. We knew the next day would fare better, weather-wise. My […]

Goodbye, Grandma.

A few weeks ago, on Father’s Day, my step-grandfather died. I found out while at work, and I ended up leaving work because I wasn’t sure if my parents would want me home for the memorial service or anything of that sort. I ended up staying here in Indiana, because they figured I’d be coming […]