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Questions from Lisanne

I’ve been slacking majorly this week, blog updating-wise. I blame it on a busy week of work, and the fact that the copy of Rock Band that Scott won came in earlier this week. We love us some Rock Band! Anyway. Lisanne asked me a few questions, and I’m finally going to answer them. [1] […]


Both Lisanne and Laura have done this recently, so I’m going to jump in. Ask me some questions, anything you’d like to know about me. Ask as many as you want and leave your questions in the comments of this entry. I’ll answer your questions in future posts. I definitely need some new things to […]

Interview questions from Blair

Blair asked me a few questions the other day, and I really should have answered these earlier. The questions were pretty interesting and I had a great time answering. 1. What made you realize that Scott was The One? The first time Scott and I ‘met’ was through an email sent from him to me […]


Everyone and their mother has taken this already, and now it’s my turn! Baton passed to me by Indranil. Total volume of music files on my computer 2.96GB. I don’t really have a lot of music files compareed to others, but it’s enough for me. The last CD I bought was I’m Wide Awake, It’s […]

Regional linguistics

Since moving to the midwest almost four years ago, I’ve been very interested in the linguistic differences between the midwest and New England. When I first moved to Bloomington, in southern Indiana, I didn’t realize that not everyone called shopping carts ‘carriages’ and people looked at me funny when I called 9:45 ‘quarter of 10’. […]

What’s playing on my computer?

…because I knew you were all dying to know what I listen to regularly! How many total songs? 827 songs, 2.1 days, 2.88 GB Sort by Song Title – first and last songs? First: “Yeah” is What We Had – Grandaddy Last: Zombie – The Cranberries Sort by Time – first and last songs? First: […]

State crayons

Crayola’s just come out with a new line of crayons, one crayon for each of the 50 states. I like the Indiana crayon color; ‘Indianappleous Red’, and the Massachusetts color, ‘Boston Tea Party’ (a brown color) isn’t bad either! I’m just dorky enough that I’m considering buying me a set of these.

Friday Forum – music

I forgot to say something about this last week, but Lisanne, one of my hostees, decided to start up a Friday meme of her own after the demise of the Friday Five. She’s titled it The Friday Forum, and so far she’s been asking very interesting and thought-provoking questions. She just began this meme last […]

What’s on my playlist

I saw this a few weeks ago at someone’s weblog, I forget who, and I’m finally getting around to posting it today. Open your music playlist in any software (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Apollo, etc), shuffle it, and list the first 10 songs on the list. I have 20 on mine, because 10 seemed too […]

Yankee / Dixie quiz

A few of us were amused at work this morning when The Yankee / Dixie quiz was posted in our work chat; basically, it asks you questions based on what region of the US you are from (if you are from the US, that is!) and tells you if you are more ‘Yankee’ (from the […]