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Autumn sewing

I’ve dabbled in sewing here and there, but I’ve never spent quality time with it. Knitting will always be my first love, of course, and spinning my second, but I’ve learned you can’t have too many loves.

Various happenings.

So, I can’t believe it’s already Friday*! This week passed quickly; it’s been a combination of fun going out and fun staying in, so I’m happy. I like a healthy combination of the two. On Monday I decided to pull out my sewing machine after over two years of it lying dormant in my office/craft […]

Of roads, quilting, photos, and blogs.

This weekend, I randomly went to Kentucky. I also spent an insubordinate amount of time in a car, driving the interstate between Louisville and Cincinnati, happily gazing outside the windows to see mountains much like the mountains near my hometown in Massachusetts. I’ve been drawn to blues and blacks and whites recently. Scott’s mother, our […]

Fun with sewing

Scott and I spent the weekend at his parents’ house; I brought my sewing machine over per his mother’s request and learned how to sew a few things. I’ve needed a new purse for a long time; I wanted to craft my own instead of buying one to add my own personal touches to it. […]