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Getting back into the blogging thing.

Hey, look! I’m back! Yes, again. I seem to take long blog absences, but I’ve been pretty busy with getting married and all. I really want to get back into writing in this blog more often.

I am back… again.

As you can see, I took another little break from my blog to finally, FINALLY make a new layout, my first in over three and a half years. This has been, by far, the longest I’ve ever gone without making at least some sort of design change to this site.

Various happenings.

So, I can’t believe it’s already Friday*! This week passed quickly; it’s been a combination of fun going out and fun staying in, so I’m happy. I like a healthy combination of the two. On Monday I decided to pull out my sewing machine after over two years of it lying dormant in my office/craft […]

A long overdue update.

It has been over one month since I have posted an entry to this blog. (Sidenote, I hate the word ‘blog’. Lame.) I’ve been busy this past month, visiting my family, going white water rafting, learning Drupal, and hanging out with some of the new people I’ve met in this area. Life’s been exciting, but […]

This is my geeky Drupal Design Camp post.

Can you spot me in this picture? (taken by misselizabeth.) This weekend I attended my first nerd Drupal camp; Drupal Design Camp Boston! When I first heard of this event I figured only locals from the New England area would make the trek to Cambridge, but as more and more people signed up, I found […]

I heart my iphone.

I am a nerd; I’m posting this from my iPhone! I installed the WordPress app and I am testing it out now. This is awesome. I’m loving my new phone, that’s for sure! I am also having fun with my family. It’s been a good holiday, that’s for sure.

Dear spring, please come soon.

Christmas stars, in March. I’ve been quiet this week, mainly because I’ve been so tired after a day of work. Today’s been a good day, mainly because I’ve been able to relax, get a few things done, and take time to update WordPress to the 2.5 release candidate. (Which I’m digging so far. I really […]

A few unsent letters

Dear weather, I am glad you decided to bring out the fall chilliness. After weeks of 80-90 degree weather in September and October, it’s a welcome relief. However, can you cut the rain out of the equation this year? I want to enjoy leaves falling, taking walks in the evening, and wearing skinny scarves with […]

Break = over!

Aaand, I’m back. Did you miss me? I took a break mainly because of one major thing; I started a new job! I’m now working as a web designer for a musical instrument retail company here in town. Notice I said ‘designer’. It’s been a change from what I had been doing for my old […]