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New years reset.

Another short one today. I love thinking about the new year and self-improvement. Why do you think we have the tradition of trying to change ourselves at the start of the year? I think most people like the idea of a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning. I know I do. I might […]

Thirty five.

I am 35 years old today. It’s kind of been a tradition for me to post about my birthday, at least when I’ve written in my blog more often.  I also thought I’d be used to my birthday being on Christmas by now, but I still get more excited about Christmas first and remember later in […]

All about Santa

Today’s prompt is about Santa! Or, more about treats, but eh. If you celebrate Christmas, do you put out anything for Santa? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, tell us about your favourite treat you like to receive. I believed in Santa growing up. I thought the tradition was fun, but since I’m the oldest of […]

I love Christmas socks!

So many of these questions feel like repeats of each other! I’m certain I answered a prompt about Christmas traditions the first week, but I’ll focus this post on a new tradition I started last year, a tradition involving Christmas socks! If you celebrate Christmas this week, tell us about your Christmas traditions. If you don’t […]

Gift opening traditions

Finally, back to the Christmas related questions! Answering questions about holiday traditions is the reason why I wanted to do these prompts in the first place, so I’m glad to be back to it. Today’s prompt is about gift opening traditions! If you celebrate Christmas, what is your gift-opening tradition? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, […]

Holiday candy!

What is your favorite holiday candy? Where do I begin with this? As any of you who know me well know, I love candy. Love it. Christmas isn’t my favorite candy holiday (that goes to Easter, because Mini Eggs and jelly beans are awesome), but it’s close. I absolutely love Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut […]

Holiday food I dislike

Today’s prompt is a short one! I don’t like talking much about holiday food I dislike. What food do you always reject on the holiday table? Why? People might think I’m weird, but I can’t stand green bean casseroles! I never have! I’m not a huge fan of green beans to begin with, so an […]

Holiday cookies are my favorite.

Today’s prompt is all about one of my favorite parts of the holidays: cookies! I almost never bake cookies, but holiday cookies? Yes please. Teach us how to make your favorite holiday recipe. I love making sugar cookies around the holidays. My favorite recipe came from a magazine I found about 9 years ago, but […]

Favorite holiday food

Today I’ll be writing about my favorite holiday food, the food that reminds me of Christmas. Most people think of pies or roast beef or green beans or something of that sort, but not me. I think of something else altogether. Finish this sentence with your favorite food: “The holidays are not complete without…” The […]

Food traditions

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m back after a relaxing weekend and ready to answer this week’s set of prompts. This week’s questions focus on food traditions and the holidays, and I’m excited to write about my favorites.  Today’s prompt asks about specific food memories, so here goes! What dish transports you to a different place and time in your life? […]