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Cute owl towels hanging in my kitchen. I’ve felt like a hermit this weekend. I tend to stay inside during the month of January; it’s harder for me to want to venture out into the cold and snow to get together with people. This weekend’s been no exception. This weekend I went out once, to […]

An awesome Saturday.

Sunset in Newington, NH, 01.09.10. Today has been a good day. I spent the day with my friend Gretchen, shopping and knitting and drinking tea and eating dark chocolate. We ate the perfect lunch portion of fried shrimp at a restaurant in Kittery, Maine and I purchased a pair of comfy brown tall boots for […]

Hey there, 2010!

Driving home to Portsmouth, 1.2.10. Happy New Year, everyone! I enjoyed my New Years immensely this year. I drove down to western Massachusetts after work Wednesday night to spend part of the weekend with my family; my sister threw an awesome New Years party and we all had an excellent time. I worked from home […]

A long overdue update.

It has been over one month since I have posted an entry to this blog. (Sidenote, I hate the word ‘blog’. Lame.) I’ve been busy this past month, visiting my family, going white water rafting, learning Drupal, and hanging out with some of the new people I’ve met in this area. Life’s been exciting, but […]

January thaw

Felt flowers to eventually decorate the walls of my living room. January’s been an interesting month so far. I haven’t really taken the time to write publicly this month because I’m just trying to survive one of the worst winters I’ve experienced during my lifetime. Seriously, I don’t remember getting THIS much snow or it […]

Temporarily MIA

I am SO busy. And tired. And I have a lot to write about and pictures to post, but said tiredness is getting my way of collecting my thoughts and writing them down. Soon. I’ll update this soon.

Life is good.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend. I spent time in a car driving to a yarn shop in Bremen with a few friends; I did not buy any yarn, much as I wanted to take home the beautiful pink and green yarn I kept on admiring. I pretended I was at the Cape and played […]

Two thousand and three.

Oh, 2003. How have five years passed since I rang in the new year with Kelly at her mother’s house in Connecticut, watching an Insomniac with Dave Attell marathon, driving to my parents’ house on January first, cursing the fact that while southern Connecticut bragged green lawns, Massachusetts streets were covered with the fluffy white […]

Car hunting

Scott and I spent our morning and part of our afternoon traveling to a few car dealerships to take a look at a potential new set of wheels for me. I’d never really been to a dealership before to check out new cars, and honestly, the prospect scared me because I didn’t want to deal […]