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Happiness is…

Beer, chocolate, cross-stitch, and listening to the DAMN GOOD new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album with the husband. Yeah, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Covering The Bases

Oh holy good god. I like the Red Sox; hell, it’s practically my duty to love the Red Sox, living the first twenty years of my life in western Massachusetts. But man, just because they won a World Series doesn’t give any player the right to record his own album full of 90’s cover songs! […]

New(ish) music

Yesterday, Scott managed to score three free songs from iTunes, and we promptly spent a few hours thinking of what songs to get. Initially we wanted to get “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney as we danced to it as our first dance as husband and wife, but iTunes didn’t have it. Frustrated, we racked […]


Everyone and their mother has taken this already, and now it’s my turn! Baton passed to me by Indranil. Total volume of music files on my computer 2.96GB. I don’t really have a lot of music files compareed to others, but it’s enough for me. The last CD I bought was I’m Wide Awake, It’s […]

Blur > Gorillaz

Dear Damon Albarn, I’ve only heard the new Gorillaz song twice, and I already hate it. Blur rocks so much harder; I named my domain after a song on your Modern Life is Rubbish album and I listen to all your other Blur albums so much even now. I did enjoy the first Gorillaz album […]

What’s playing on my computer?

…because I knew you were all dying to know what I listen to regularly! How many total songs? 827 songs, 2.1 days, 2.88 GB Sort by Song Title – first and last songs? First: “Yeah” is What We Had – Grandaddy Last: Zombie – The Cranberries Sort by Time – first and last songs? First: […]

Harry and the Potters

Holy crap, these guys are hilarious. They have songs called “Save Ginny Weasley”, “Stick it to Dolores”, and “Cornelius Fudge is an Ass”. Holy good god, I listened to some of their songs on myspace and spent the entire time laughing my ass off. And they’re from my home state (though on the other side […]

Friday Forum – music

I forgot to say something about this last week, but Lisanne, one of my hostees, decided to start up a Friday meme of her own after the demise of the Friday Five. She’s titled it The Friday Forum, and so far she’s been asking very interesting and thought-provoking questions. She just began this meme last […]

No more GBV

I came into work today, “Just Once More” by Dressy Bessy in my head, determined to have a great day. When I arrived, I poured myself some water, wrote down a few things I need to do once the day begins, and helped a man reinstall Windows XP on my machine. A few minutes ago, […]

Mix tape goodness

Food and music; that’s all one needs. I made myself a new mix tape the other day. Yes, tape, as I don’t have anything else in my car. I’ve been making mix tapes for such a long time now, and making them is an experience for me. I love how the tape turned out.