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Nanowrimo 2016

Every year at around this time, I start thinking about Nanowrimo. I’ve been attempting to write 50,000 words in a month every year since 2002, and though I’ve finished only 5 times (‘only’), I’ve still enjoyed it each year. I’ve written my novels in many different regions of the country — I wrote my first novel […]

Nanowrimo 2015 winner!

I’ve been all about writing my December prompts that I never wrote about the conclusion of Nanowrimo! Long story short… I finished!!! I finished my novel on November 28th with a little over 50,000 words. This is the first year I’ve finished without a writing group, and while I’m happy I completed it, I’m not […]

Nanowrimo 2015!

I can’t believe I haven’t written in my blog now for over a month. I was on such a roll, too! I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I want to write about in this space, and I need to do a better job taking the time to write posts. I’ll get back into […]

I finished!

I did it! I struggled for a little bit of the month, but I finished, yesterday, at 50,201 words. I’m so excited I finished Nanowrimo for the first time since 2008!

NaNoWriMo 2012!!!

So, guess who’s doing NaNoWriMo this year after taking a three year break? That’s right! I’ve broken out one of my two NaNoWriMo shirts and banged out my 2000+ words for the day! I’m pretty pumped! Exclamation points!!!

Nanowrimo 2009

It’s started again; National Novel Writing Month!  This will be my seventh year participating in the madness that is writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, and I look forward to it every year. The madness starts on November 1st, but I will be spending the month of October getting ready for hardcore novel writing. This year’s […]

I finished NaNoWriMo!

Hooray, I finished NaNoWriMo! I am absolutely surprised I finished, what with the setbacks I faced this month; I got sick a few times, work was insane, and my laptop died on me halfway through the month. Still, I persevered and finished my novel this morning! I don’t get a prize or any sort of […]

November is kicking my ass.

How is this month almost over already? Seriously? Thanksgiving is THIS coming Thursday? Christmas is a month away? Wow. I have been totally and utterly busy this entire month, with NaNoWriMo, being sick, and being stressed. I put in almost 12 hours of work each day this past week except for Monday when I was […]

Nanowrimo 2008!

Hooray, NaNoWriMo 2008 has begun! A few of my writing friends and I kicked off our novels at midnight at the local IHOP, and wrote even more at a local coffeehouse this morning. I am very excited about NaNo this year, mainly because this year I HAVE A LAPTOP and will hopefully be able to […]