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September summary.

Yeah. I didn’t feel too wordy for most of September, seeing as it’s October now and I’m breaking my month long silence. Fall’s definitely come since I posted my last entry; it’s currently 60 degrees outside and leaves are just starting to turn brilliant colors. I’ve always loved this time of year, from now until […]

Holiday stress!

I’ve been stressing majorly about the holidays the past few days. I still need to send out my cards and do most of my shopping; I’m not going to be seeing my family at all around Christmas so I’ll be mailing all of their gifts sometime before the holiday. I just hope I can get […]

Minor update on my life.

One day I will be awesome at updating my site on a more frequent basis. However, I’ve been busy with NaNoWriMo, working later than usual, and playing Guitar Hero III for the Wii, not to mention frantically finishing up Christmas knitting projects. Mid-November’s nearing, which means I don’t have too much time left to complete […]

Halloween and Nanowrimo

I think I’m strange. I haven’t done anything for Halloween besides pass out candy to trick or treaters (if any even come!) for the past few years, and in all honesty, it’s not that big of a deal to me. Sure, I’ll go to a Halloween party (if anyone would ever throw one!) and I […]

A few unsent letters

Dear weather, I am glad you decided to bring out the fall chilliness. After weeks of 80-90 degree weather in September and October, it’s a welcome relief. However, can you cut the rain out of the equation this year? I want to enjoy leaves falling, taking walks in the evening, and wearing skinny scarves with […]

Apples + friends = good times!

Don’t worry, I am still back. I ran into a few issues with my computer during the week, so I didn’t have much time to post. Now that my computer is more or less stable again, I should really be posting more often! Last weekend, Scott and I went apple picking up in Michigan with […]

I’m a winner!

At last, I’ve done it; I’ve won NaNoWriMo 2006! I’m pretty damn proud of myself for reaching 50k this year. I’ve only finished a novel one other time, back in 2003. I got up to about 37k in 2004 before deciding I hated my novel, and last year, I wrote maybe 1000 words before I […]

Almost halfway done!

A short but sweet post; I’m almost at 25,000 words in my NaNoWriMo novel! This past week hasn’t been the greatest, writing-wise, but I’m still plodding around. I didn’t get to my 2,000 words today due to a busy day and not being around the house much after work, but I’m hoping to catch up […]

10,000 words!

So, I’ve hit the first NaNoWriMo milestone today; I crossed the 10,000 word mark! I’m surprised at how well I’m sticking to my 2,000 word a day schedule this year; I failed miserably in 2004 and 2005 because I allowed myself to get too far behind and I just couldn’t catch up. This year, however, […]

NaNoWriMo has begun!

See the pretty little counter I’ve implemented in the sidebar? It’s a nifty little WordPress plugin called ProgressFly, and it will suit my needs way past December 1 when Nanowrimo ends. Knitting progress counter, much? I’ve written a little over 2000 words in my novel today. I wrote a tiny bit before work started this […]