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2008 in review.

Today’s the last day of 2008. I am not sure where this year went; from May onward, this year absolutely flew. Seriously. I cannot believe tomorrow is 2009. This year has been one of the most difficult years of my life; I left my ex-husband, got a divorce, and have been learning how to make […]


I haven’t had really much to write about these days. My life’s going on as usual; well, as usual as it can be at this point. I go to work, I come home, I hang out with my friends; honestly, my life’s not that different. My drive to work and back’s much longer; I’m glad […]

A new beginning…

So, here I am, yet again, starting from scratch with a newish weblog. I’m going to focus a lot more on what I do in my spare time here; I’ve been a knitter for four years this month, I occasionally dabble in scrapbooking, and I spend a lot of evenings playing World of Warcraft. We’ve […]

Five minutes from Michigan

So, I put my weblog back up yet again. Did you miss me? I’m now living in South Bend, in an apartment much bigger than expected. I have a living room, a bedroom, a computer room, two bathrooms, a kitchen complete with 70s style appliances (puke yellow is a very ugly color for a fridge!) […]

A new location

I put my two week notice in to work today. :scott: and I decided that it would be best for me to move up to South Bend the first weekend in March so that I can get settled in town and so I can find a job easier than I could living in Bloomington. Plus, […]