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Friday Five – hair!

This is a timely set of questions, as I just cut my hair on Tuesday. I’ve done so many things with my hair over the years, so I always like talking about it (and sharing pictures, of course). 1. What’s the longest your hair has ever been? The longest my hair has ever been was […]

New hair.

Yesterday I cut my hair and dyed it blonde red. Do you want me to get into the horror that is attempting to dye your own hair blonde? I didn’t think so. Hey kids! I can’t smile when I take my own picture! (Actually, I will tell the blonde story. I bought a home bleach […]

September summary.

Yeah. I didn’t feel too wordy for most of September, seeing as it’s October now and I’m breaking my month long silence. Fall’s definitely come since I posted my last entry; it’s currently 60 degrees outside and leaves are just starting to turn brilliant colors. I’ve always loved this time of year, from now until […]

In lieu of an actual entry…

I haven’t had very much to say recently. Life’s still good; I’m enjoying myself, staying active, and getting things done both at work and at home. I can’t really complain. Oh yes. I also did this to my hair: I’ve been wanting to go pink again, in some way, shape or form for a long, […]


So, I chopped my hair off. What of it? I’m all spikes, baby! I’m digging it so far.