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Number one songs on your birthday

When I was born: the U.S. No.1 on the 25th December 1980 was… Lady by Kenny Rogers the U.K. No.1 on the 25th December 1980 was… (Just Like) Starting Over by John Lennon When I turned 13: the U.S. No.1 on the 25th December 1993 was… Hero by Mariah Carey the U.K. No.1 on the […]

Buddy Holly

Today in my rock and roll history class, we learned about Buddy Holly. I love his music, so sitting in an hour and a half class, with the lights dimmed and a huge CDrom presentation projected in front of me with pictures and TV clips of him really excited me. The professor really loves music […]

This is all that I have gotten

My room is slightly messy. The bedspread is crumpled on my dirty grey sheets. A box covered with wrapping paper of dogs in birthday hats lays in the midst of it all, a green box floating in a purple and green sea. My black, half-opened umbrella, wet from the rain outdoors, sits in the corner […]

The obligatory ‘day after’ entry

I feel compelled to write about how my Monday was, because for some odd reason it sticks out of my mind, the last day of normalcy before all this chaos occurred. I woke up at around 9 or 9:30 on Monday morning, and went to class as usual. It was a beautiful day, and Nate […]


I went and saw Radiohead yesterday. We didn’t get to stand anywhere near the stage, so I didn’t feel the full “I’m at a concert surrounded by people getting all sweaty and gross because of jumping around and everyone around me loves this band as much if not more than I do” feeling I usually […]

MHC in Time magazine

Looky, my college is in Time magazine this week, because we’re doing a trial thing making SAT scores optional. Whee!

The very beginning

Me, with a blog? Yes. For updates and things, when I don’t feel like opening my mailing list. It’s going to be fun, trust me.