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Hot Chocolate Run 5k 2013 race recap

Yeah, it’s been almost a month since I run this race, and I’m finally getting around to writing about it! This was seriously the best race I’ve ever run, both in terms of PR (yeah, I totally smashed my previous one) and in terms of sheer fun. I loved running this race last year, but […]

2013 Turkey Trot 5k race recap

Last year, I started a new Thanksgiving tradition – running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! I ran it proudly and felt so happy that I got up and ran in freezing cold temperatures. So, this Thanksgiving, I ran it again. I loved the feeling of running first thing in the morning so I could […]

Jingle Bell 5k race recap!

So, guess what I did on Saturday? That’s right, I ran a sub-30 minute 5k!!! I ran the Jingle Bell 5k here in Portsmouth and crossed the finish line at 29:27, beating my previous PR by 40 seconds. Awesome. I’m not sure what else to say about this race, except that it was small, about […]

Great Bay 5k race recap

I recall thinking, after running the Great Island 5k two weeks ago, that I’d need to postpone my dreams of a sub-30 minute 5k to 2014, as no way could I run a fast (for me) 5k so soon after my ankle healing. After yesterday’s race, that goal is alive and well. I awoke yesterday […]

Great Island 5k race recap

First 5k since July? Check. First 5k since my injury? Double check. First time I’ve run more than 2 miles since September 17th? Yes. Triple check. Today I ran the Great Island 5k in New Castle, NH. Some of my training runs take place on the road from Portsmouth to New Castle, so I’m familiar […]

Hot Chocolate Run 2012 Race Recap!

So, I’ve had a pretty exciting past few days – I finish NaNoWriMo, then I run a 5k, and not only any 5k, but a 5k with hot chocolate at the end! This past autumn, my sister told me about the Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage, an annual run in Northampton, Massachusetts, to benefit […]

Runner’s Alley / Red Hook 5K!

So, I ran a 5K yesterday! Words can’t describe how great I feel after the race yesterday. Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings ever, and I’m proud of myself for being able to run 3.1 miles without giving up. Seriously, today’s race has me PUMPED and ready for more! I discovered […]