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Contented weekend / Reverb 16

A day in the life.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays can be busy days and they can also be lazy recovery days.  Tell us about yours (or your plans for a day this weekend) from top to bottom. My weekend plans tend to be up and down. Sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I spend the weekend in […]

Gifts I like / Reverb 16

All right, I’m back with a Reverb question today! I’ve never liked writing about gifts but eh, here goes. White Elephant: What are the gifts you’re looking forward to giving, or hoping to receive? Well, I’m not going to write about what I’m giving people, because they might stumble across this blog! Let’s just say […]

Holiday dislikes / Reverb 16

Just Not That Into It: Everyone has their own tipping point. What do you hate dislike about the holidays? The one thing I really dislike about the holidays is the focus on commercialism. I like to give a couple little gifts to people, but I always feel a huge pressure to buy more and more […]

Cozy / Reverb 16

Cozy: Some of us live on the Tundra, while others live where the tumbleweeds roll.  Either way, we still have to nest when December rolls around.  What keeps you cozy through the wintertime? I’m sitting at my kitchen table this morning, wearing a red checked flannel shirt, hand knit socks, and warm slippers. I’m sipping […]

Intentions / Reverb 16

Happy December, everyone! Just like last year, I’ll be participating in a monthly blog prompt series. This year’s is Reverb 2016 and I’m excited to get started! Just like last year, I’m starting a day late, but I’m hoping to catch up. Intentions.  Let’s set our intention for the month of December on writing, creativity, and […]