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Our trip to Eugene

This past weekend, Ted and took an overnight trip down to Eugene! I’d heard excellent things about their food scene, so we wanted to see (err, taste) this for ourselves. Our verdict? Yes. The food, and the trip, rocked. We left for our trip on Saturday after lunch. In Salem, we stopped for coffee at […]

Our Big Move – Day 7

Finally, I’m getting to the last part of our drive across the country! It’s short, only because I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I was too excited to finally be done with the driving!

Our Big Move – Day 6

Our drive from Colorado to Idaho was our last long drive, but possibly the most scenic. I took a TON of pictures on as we drove through the mountains of Colorado, past beautiful rocks in Utah, and over interesting landscapes in Idaho.

Our Big Move – Days 3, 4, and 5

Our drive to Colorado was the longest drive of the whole trip – 16 hours! We didn’t look forward to driving for so long, but we knew we’d be crossing two time zones, so we told ourselves it was like driving for 14 hours. I’m not sure that worked.

Our Big Move – Days 1 and 2

Yes, we’ve made it across the country, to our new home in Oregon! In the process of our move, we chose to drive across the country. I’m happy we made the decision to drive, though at times, we just wanted to be there!

DrupalCamp Montreal 2009

2009The DrupalCamp Montreal 2009 crowd! This past weekend, myself, along with a few cohorts at Commonplaces (@sethcohn, @himerus, @bymiche, and @ebeyrent) traveled by van up to the faraway land of Canada to attend DrupalCamp Montreal! My coworkers each presented at least one session over the two day camp, and I was there to cheer them on from the sidelines. Among some […]

Eventful weekend

I had a relatively eventful weekend. First and foremost, I’m pretty sure I have an apartment! I’m going to be moving back to the complex I lived in before we bought the house. I’m shocked they had a place open so soon; my move in date is June 28th. Yeah, this Saturday. So I’ll probably […]

Our BRMC trip. Or, how I can now die happy.

(Note: Some of this entry may not make sense to people who haven’t heard of or listened to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But, I am still damn pumped and excited from seeing them live twice that I don’t really care. Important parts will be in bold if you are just skimming the […]

A weekend of fast food and gaming

I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? Secondly, and actually just as important, :scott: and I spent a great weekend together. He arrived here in town at around 9pm Friday night and we spent the evening watching the first season of ‘Home Movies‘ on DVD while eating McDonald’s. We spent […]