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Two thousand and three.

Oh, 2003. How have five years passed since I rang in the new year with Kelly at her mother’s house in Connecticut, watching an Insomniac with Dave Attell marathon, driving to my parents’ house on January first, cursing the fact that while southern Connecticut bragged green lawns, Massachusetts streets were covered with the fluffy white […]

I am DONE.

Remember how I had that one paper to write to make up the incomplete in my history class, the last class I needed to complete before I was finished completely with school? Well, I turned it in a few weeks ago, and tonight I received an email from my history professor. I got a B+ […]

On the radio

Looking for a blank tape in which to put my newly formed mix, I came across a radio show of mine I had taped. I used to DJ at Mount Holyoke’s radio station when I went to school there, and I had forgotten that I taped a show. I’m scared to listen to it, just […]

Buddy Holly

Today in my rock and roll history class, we learned about Buddy Holly. I love his music, so sitting in an hour and a half class, with the lights dimmed and a huge CDrom presentation projected in front of me with pictures and TV clips of him really excited me. The professor really loves music […]

This is all that I have gotten

My room is slightly messy. The bedspread is crumpled on my dirty grey sheets. A box covered with wrapping paper of dogs in birthday hats lays in the midst of it all, a green box floating in a purple and green sea. My black, half-opened umbrella, wet from the rain outdoors, sits in the corner […]

MHC in Time magazine

Looky, my college is in Time magazine this week, because we’re doing a trial thing making SAT scores optional. Whee!