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First finished spin of 2016!

Hooray, I’ve completed my first spin of 2016, and I am in love with it! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started spinning the September 2015 club colorway from Hedgehog Fibres. I loved all the colors – the bright shots of magenta, splashes of navy, vivid hints of chartreuse – but I wasn’t sure […]

Work in progress Wednesday!

Man, it’s been cold the past few days here in Portland! We got two inches of snow on Sunday night, and on Monday I woke up to icy streets and sidewalks. Schools closed and a few of the buses didn’t run, and no way did I want to be out and about yesterday. Nope. I […]

2015 crafty wrap-up.

Today I’m doing something in my blog I haven’t ever done – writing up a recap of my 2015 crafty endeavors! I definitely knit and spin way more now than I did even a couple years ago. Knitting In 2015, I knit 18 projects – 2 hats, 1 cowl, 5 shawls, and 10 pairs of socks! […]

Catching up on spinning.

It’s been a tough summer for spinning here in the Pacific Northwest, with temperatures in the 90s and 100s for most of the season! Plus, our apartment doesn’t really have air conditioning, so the last thing I really wanted to do most of the summer was hold a bunch of wool in my hands. Sweaty […]

Michigan Fiber Fest!

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m two WEEKS late in posting about Michigan Fiber Fest, but hey, I’m getting around to it, at least! I’ve been too busy playing Everquest II with Scott, knitting and spinning up a storm, and spending more time off the computer to sit down and write a post about buying lots […]

An entry about yarn.

Look what I finally finished! I’ve decided to call this bundle of yarn love Pumpkin Candy, because it reminds me of candy corn and those little pumpkin candies that seem to never disappear around Halloween. (Unless, of course, I’m eating them.) Unfortunately, I don’t have many details about this yarn. I got the ball from […]

Migraines and fiber!

You know what’s not fun? Driving home from Chicago with an in-between headache and migraine. I can’t decide if these particular aches are migraines or not; I know that a few hours prior to the head pounding fun, my eyesight goes all fuzzy and I have a hard time seeing. I never think it’s a […]

I’m a wheel owner!

I first learned of spinning my own yarn at the end of 2004, when a few friends of mine purchased drop spindles and roving from a store on ebay. Intrigued, I ordered my own kit, wanting to spin myself my own beautiful yarn. However, I didn’t anticipate it being so difficult, and I struggled for […]

A little bit of craftiness…

Nope, I can’t get enough of posting my crafty stuff these days. I’m spinning myself some laceweight yarn (I hope) to knit the Branching Out scarf from Knitty. I’ve wanted to try my hand at lace knitting for awhile, and what better than to do it with homespun yarn? I’m hoping this turns out well […]