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Thanksgiving 2013.

Ted and I celebrated our fourth Thanksgiving together as a couple and our first as a married couple this past Thursday. Over the years, we’ve established our own Thanksgiving traditions, and I’m happy to spend the day with Ted.

2013 Turkey Trot 5k race recap

Last year, I started a new Thanksgiving tradition – running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! I ran it proudly and felt so happy that I got up and ran in freezing cold temperatures. So, this Thanksgiving, I ran it again. I loved the feeling of running first thing in the morning so I could […]

A vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Ted and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving Day together at home, but that doesn’t mean it was boring. We went about our day in a leisurely manner, and sometime around 3pm, we started our dinner.


Today is Thanksgiving here in the good ol’ US of A. It’s morning and I’m awake while Ted sleeps for a few more hours, before we start the preparations for our vegetarian Thanksgiving, just the two of us. I’m happy to have this time to myself, to reflect on the year so far and to […]

Thanksgiving thankfulness.

I’ve had an interesting year this year, full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, good things and bad. In general, I’m happy with where I am right now, and I’m thankful for the many good things in my life. I live on the East Coast again. I walk through the town in which I […]


Today I am thankful for my friends, and my family, and the fact that I am gainfully employed. I am thankful I’ve been able to support myself these past few months; I’m not just surviving, but I’m thriving. I am thankful for the fact that my life may not be perfect, but I am enjoying […]