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From my window at the Cape. It’s been strange, in a way, readjusting to a life I lead for my first twenty years of existence. Until I moved back east, I hadn’t realized how much I had adjusted to the midwestern way of life, and how certain things differ from one place to another. Everything […]

Quick recap.

I am in New Hampshire. I love my new job. I love living near the ocean. I went to Cape Cod with my mom and aunt last weekend and dug for clams for the first time in about 15 years. My last two weeks in South Bend were filled with crazy, memorable, wild, and incredible […]

Homeward bound

Okay, I am finally ready to announce my huge, huge news. In approximately three weeks I will be moving to New Hampshire! Yes, I am moving home to New England after spending the past eight years in Indiana. I can’t believe I’m doing this; I have a new job lined up, of course, and I […]