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Oh, Portland.

Ted and I spent a beautiful day in Portland, Maine on Tuesday. After grey, gloomy skies and rain all weekend, we were pleased to wake up to brilliant blue skies on Monday and Tuesday. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on our days off. We spent the day visiting our favorite places; a vegetarian […]

Staycation, day one.

Today has been nice. We woke up, lounged around a bit, and took off to eat lunch at our favorite sushi place in Portsmouth. I enjoyed a lunch bento box filled with veggie gyoza, veggie tempura, a cucumber roll, white rice, and salad with that awesome ginger sauce. Love. I haven’t taken a ‘staycation’ before, […]

Family visit!

Carrie and I at the local Chick-Fil-A. I’ve had a busy week. This past weekend, my mother and sister flew in for a visit! My mother’s visited me here before, but this was my sister’s first trip to South Bend. I couldn’t wait to show her my favorite places and introduce her to a few […]

Knitting goodness.

Another day, another wristwarmer. I’m finally getting around to posting some of my more recent knitting projects; I’ve been a knitting fool the past few months, but I have a hard time photographing the things I make. My apartment lighting is not the greatest, and when I get home to actually take the pictures, it’s […]

September summary.

Yeah. I didn’t feel too wordy for most of September, seeing as it’s October now and I’m breaking my month long silence. Fall’s definitely come since I posted my last entry; it’s currently 60 degrees outside and leaves are just starting to turn brilliant colors. I’ve always loved this time of year, from now until […]

Labor Day Weekend 2008

I enjoyed my Labor Day weekend this year; Linda came to visit me! She visited last year and we had a good time together, so she decided to come back for more. I spent so much time in a car, and by the end of the weekend I pretty much exhausted myself, but still, good […]


A few weekends ago I visited my family in Massachusetts. I hadn’t seen most of them since January, since before I dyed my hair blonde, so it was good to go home and see everyone. I also got to visit with my mom’s penpal from England and her family, who were visiting my folks for […]

And I’m off!

After a hectic, hectic two+ weeks at work where I think I’ve spent more time in the office than at my house, I’m off to Florida! I’ll be back on Friday for one day of work goodness, then Scott and I are off to Mackinac Island for Memorial Day weekend. I definitely need this time […]