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Excitement galore!

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. So far, May’s been an incredibly hectic month, mainly due to the fact that work has been nuts, project-wise, and I’m looking forward to a break. Here’s what’s been going on, list style: 1. We’ve purchased an Xbox 360! A month or two ago, Scott entered a contest […]

Of roads, quilting, photos, and blogs.

This weekend, I randomly went to Kentucky. I also spent an insubordinate amount of time in a car, driving the interstate between Louisville and Cincinnati, happily gazing outside the windows to see mountains much like the mountains near my hometown in Massachusetts. I’ve been drawn to blues and blacks and whites recently. Scott’s mother, our […]

A little update

Entering Cape Cod via the Bourne Bridge, July 2007 So, I’ve taken a little break from the blog yet again; sometimes I get into moods where I just don’t feel like writing. I have been in such a mood the last few weeks. Last weekend, I spent some time on Cape Cod with my family; […]

Our BRMC trip. Or, how I can now die happy.

(Note: Some of this entry may not make sense to people who haven’t heard of or listened to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But, I am still damn pumped and excited from seeing them live twice that I don’t really care. Important parts will be in bold if you are just skimming the […]

Weekend at the Cape

I’m back from my mini weekend vacation to Cape Cod, and I have to say one thing: I’m so happy that the weekend actually turned out to be nice! It rained a bit and was generally cloudy on Friday night when we arrived, but eh. We knew the next day would fare better, weather-wise. My […]

Friday Five – vacationish

A vacation themed Five, just in time for my own vacation! 1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]? I’m planning on spending this summer finishing up my degree and working to pay rent and bills. It’s not very exciting, I know, but that’s all I’m doing. I’m only taking one vacation this […]