Tag: winter hatred

That white stuff that falls from the sky

Ah, a prompt about everyone’s favorite thing about winter – snow! Do you like snow or do you dread when it starts falling? If you don’t have snow in your area, what weather do you love or dread? I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I’m from New England and lived in the midwest for […]

Knitting goodness.

Another day, another wristwarmer. I’m finally getting around to posting some of my more recent knitting projects; I’ve been a knitting fool the past few months, but I have a hard time photographing the things I make. My apartment lighting is not the greatest, and when I get home to actually take the pictures, it’s […]

January thaw

Felt flowers to eventually decorate the walls of my living room. January’s been an interesting month so far. I haven’t really taken the time to write publicly this month because I’m just trying to survive one of the worst winters I’ve experienced during my lifetime. Seriously, I don’t remember getting THIS much snow or it […]

Dear spring, please come soon.

Christmas stars, in March. I’ve been quiet this week, mainly because I’ve been so tired after a day of work. Today’s been a good day, mainly because I’ve been able to relax, get a few things done, and take time to update WordPress to the 2.5 release candidate. (Which I’m digging so far. I really […]